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Jannine Santiago (03.08.2021)
Hey, I visited your site and I think that your content is amazing! It is really engaging and original, you must have worked so hard to generate such a quality content.
My name is Jannine Santiago from ForeMedia and I help website owners with great websites to maximize the revenue they make from their website.
I would love to buy Ad Spaces on your website and pay you per each impression of the ads on your site. We are Google Ad Exchange Premium partners and we work with more than 100 Ad Network
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maggie may
Hello there and thank you, please tell me more and what were you considering? amount wise if you were to buy ad spaces on my website
Terry Kulczycky (16.05.2021)
Hi, I am so glad to hear back from your Mistress. How are you? Well I hope.
I am from Kingston, and I am 35. My name is Terry.
And yes I want to find a Mistress I can trust give all of myself to and help build this sad and meaningless existance into my only goal from when I was a child was to be a in sissy sub servant.
I\'m hoping to have ongoing training in sissification and feminization. BDSM (I have some experience but I loved everything I\'ve tried with bdsm it\'s only been lighter stuff but I am not afraid to pushed to the limits.
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